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We developed SEAzam, a SAP certified add-on, to help our clients upload and download huge volumes of data quickly. It is a user friendly ETL that offers a reliable, efficient and cost effective solution.   

SEAzam will optimize projects such as Excel uploads, custom reports, migration to S/4HANA, digitization, acquisition and decommissioning. 

SEAzam is a trusted solution for:

  • Financial and business reporting
  • Supply chain digitalization
  • Data migration
  • Data acquisition, merger, divestment and decommissioning
  • Data extraction and load from different ERP systems

These customers use SEAzam:

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The benefits of seazam

SEAzam Certifications


About SAP add-ons

SAP add-ons are extensions to the SAP software. They are developed by SAP partners to enhance and add extra functionalities to your existing system. Adds-on are tailored to specific industries and/or projects, making SAP an even more efficient solution for your needs. 
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The Benefits of SAP ADd-ons

Rapid Deployment

Add-ons are already developed and can be quickly integrated into your system.


Add-ons reduce significantly the number of issues that may arise.


Regular SAP certification and upgrades ensure compatibility and compliance.

Cost savings

Integrating a proven and tested solution saves on development time and maintenance costs.


Created by experienced developers, add-ons use the latest technologies recommended by SAP.


Add-ons are specifically designed to provide a solution adapted to each project or industry.

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