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SAP Indirect or Digital Access Licenses
SAP software, regardless of the method of access, must be licensed appropriately. In 2018, SAP introduced a new Indirect or Digital Access licensing model, identifying 3 types of access:
  • Direct Human Access : direct use based on user license.
  • SAP Application Access : use of an SAP ERP system via another licensed SAP application.
  • Indirect/Digital Access : indirect use of the Digital Core via non-SAP intermediary software, such as a non-SAP front-end, a custom-solution, or any other third-party application by humans, devices or systems. It also occurs when non-human devices, bots, automated systems, etc. use the Digital Core in any way. 


Indirect/Digital Access can be particularly hard to measure and is one of the main reasons behind SAP’s licensing model update. In order to enable customers to move to this new licensing model, SAP is offering a Digital Access Adoption Program until 31/12/2021.  

Here is an overview of the topic in this video by SAP:
ERP pricing for the digital age

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